Rules & Regulations

Constitution & Bylaws

Triad MLS – Rules and Regulations by Section

Listing Procedures
Section 1.0: Listing Procedures
Section 1.01: Clear Cooperation
Section 1.1: Listings Subject To Rules and Regulations of the Service
Section 1.2: Details On Properties Entered Into The Service
Section 1.2.0: Accuracy of Listing Data
Section 1.2.1: Listing Status Definitions and Submission Rules                                                             Section 1.2.2: Limited Service Listings
Section 1.2.3: Use of Content From Listing Records Relating to Other Brokers’ Contractual Agreements
 Section 1.3: Coming Soon-No Show Listings
Section 1.4: Exempted (Office Exclusive) Listings
 Section 1.5: Change Of Listing Agreement Terms
 Section 1.6: Withdrawal Of Listing Prior To Expiration
 Section 1.7: Conditions Applicable To Listings
 Section 1.8: Listing Price Specified
 Section 1.9: Listing Multiple Unit Properties
 Section 1.10: No Control Of Commission Rates Or Fees Charged By Participants
 Section 1.11: Expiration, Extension, And Renewal Of Listings
 Section 1.12: Termination Date On Listings
 Section 1.13: Service and Mandatory-Listing Areas
 Section 1.14: Listings Of Suspended Participants
 Section 1.15: Listings Of Expelled Participants
 Section 1.16: Listings Of Resigned Participants
 Section 1.17: Co-Listing Procedures
 Section 1.18 Data Entered into MLS for Comparable Purposes Only                                                   Section 1.18.1 Buyer Agency Sale  
Section 1.18.2 Firm Exclusive Sale
Section 1.19: Property Addresses

Selling Procedures
Section 2.0: Showings and Negotiations
Section 2.1: Presentation of Offers
Section 2.2: Submission Of Written Offers
Section 2.3: Right Of Cooperation Broker In Presentation Of Offer
Section 2.4: Right Of Listing Broker In Presentation Of Counter-Offers
Section 2.5: Reporting Sales To The Service
Section 2.6: Intentionally Deleted
Section 2.7: Advertising Of Property Entered Into The Service
Section 2.8: Reporting Cancellation Of Pending Sale

Refusal To Sell
Section 3.0: Refusal To Sell

Section 4.0: Information For Participants Only
Section 4.1: “For Sale” Signs
Section 4.2: “Sold Signs”
Section 4.3: Solicitation Of Property Entered Into The Service
Section 4.4: Use of the Terms MLS and Multiple Listing Service
Section 4.5:  Services Advertised as Free

Division Of Commissions
Section 5.0: Cooperative Compensation Specified On Each Property
Section 5.0.1: Short Sales
Section 5.1: Participant As Principal
Section 5.2: Participant As Purchaser
Section 5.3: Dual Or Variable Rate Commission Arrangements
Section 5.4:  Display of Listing Broker’s Offer of Compensation

Service Charges
Section 6.0: Service Fees And Charges For Associations Of Realtors®
Section 6.1: Subscriber/User Fee Waivers
Section 6.1.1: Conditions for Waiver
Section 6.1.2: Process for Obtaining and Maintaining Waivers
Section 6.1.3: Revocation of Waiver
Section 6.1.4: Consequences of Repeated Violations

Compliance With Rules
Section 7.0: Compliance With Rules – Authority to Impose Discipline
Section 7.1: Compliance With Rules
Section 7.2: Applicability of Rules to Users and/or Subscribers

Section 8.0: Meetings Of The Board Of Directors Of The Triad Multiple Listing Service
Section 8.1: Meetings Of The Board Of Directors Of The Triad Multiple Listing Committee

Enforcement Of Rules Or Disputes
Section 9.0: Consideration Of Alleged Violations
Section 9.1: Violations Of Rules And Regulations
Section 9.2: Complaints Of Unethical Conduct
Section 9.3: Password Security Violations
Section 9.4: Complaints of Unauthorized Use of Listing Content
Section 9.5: MLS Rules Violations

Confidentiality Of Service Information
Section 10.0: Confidentiality Of Service Information
Section 10.1: Service Not Responsible For Accuracy Of Information
Section 10.2: Access To Comparable And Statistical Information

Ownership Of Service Compilations* And Copyrights
Section 11.0: Authorization
Section 11.1: Ownership Of Compilation
Section 11.2: Access To Compilation

Use Of Copyrighted Compilations
Section 12.0: Distribution
Section 12.1: Display
Section 12.2: Reproduction
Section 12.3: No Modification Of Other Participants’ Content
Section 12.4: Disclaimer Of Liability
Section 12.5: Confidential Data Fields
Section 12.5.1: ListHub Syndication Remarks

Use Of Information
Section 13.0: Limitations On Use Of Information
Section 13.1: Participants’ Use Of Information

Changes In Rules And Regulations
Section 14.0: Changes In Rules And Regulations

NOTE: SECTIONS 15 and 16 were intentionally left blank.

Section 17.0: Orientation

Internet Data Exchange
Section 18.0: Internet Data Exchange (IDX)
Section 18.1: Internet Data Exchange
Section 18.2: Republication/Framing Of Internet Data Exchange Database On Internet Permitted
Section 18.3: Approved Forms

Virtual Office Websites
Section 20.1: Definitions and Usage
Section 20.2: Scope Limited; Other Services Permitted; No Listing Broker Permission Required
Section 20.3: Prerequisites For Access; Registration; Terms Of Use
Section 20.4: Contract Information; Response To Inquires
Section 20.5: Preventing Unauthorized Use Of Data
Section 20.6: Sellers Withholding Listings And Addresses From Internet
Section 20.7: Third Party Commentary; Automated Valuation; Professional Judgement
Section 20.8: Means To Correct Errors
Section 20.9 Frequency Of Updates
Section 20.10: No Other Distribution Permitted
Section 20.11: Privacy Policy Required
Section 20.12: Listings Excluded From Display Based On Objective Criteria
Section 20.13: Access To VOW For Compliance Evaluation
Section 20.14: Multiple VOWs Permitted
Section 20.15: Password Expiration
Section 20.16: Advertising And Co-Branding
Section 20.17: Displaying Listings From Other Sources
Section 20.18: Searching Listings From Other Sources
Section 20.19: License Agreement Required 

Addendum A: Common Compliance Policy