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Triad MLS Support and Contact Information

Trying to contact Triad MLS?   Use the information below as needed to get connected to the appropriate support.

  • Help Desk                                      336-841-1337
  • Training                                          336-841-1337
  • IDX (Internet Data Exchange)         336-841-1337

Please note that all membership is handled through our participating local associations.  Should you need to change contact information (phone, email, etc.), please contact your local association.  Below is the contact information for each.

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       GRRA 336-854-5868           HPRAR  336-889-8181                         WSRAR  336-768-5560


Triad MLS is RESO Data Dictionary and WEB-API Certified!

Real Estate Standards Organization, or RESO, was incorporated in November 2011 as an independent, not-for-profit trade organization that was previously a section of the National Association of REALTORS®.

RESO actively develops, adopts and implements open and accepted data standards and processes across all real estate transactions. RESO provides an environment for the development and implementation of data standards and processes that facilitate software innovation, ensures portability, eliminates redundancies and obtains maximum efficiencies for all parties participating in real estate transactions.

RESO has more than 663 active members, including NAR, multiple-listing services, real estate associations, brokerages and industry technology providers from all over the WORLD.  The data standards created and maintained by RESO are widely used in the Global Real Estate Industry.  

Triad MLS is proud to be a founding member of this organization!

Square Foot Range Policy

At the point of entry in the MLS system, the agent (after measuring the subject property to the best of his/her ability) will enter the actual square footage obtained from his/her calculation. The MLS system will then display only a range of square footage until the property is closed. When the status is “Closed” the actual square footage the listing agent entered will be seen by users.

The range is determined by the following formula: 10% down then rounded DOWN to the nearest hundred and 5% up and rounded UP to the nearest hundred.

Actual square feet determined by listing agent: 4100 Range in MLS system would be displayed as: 3600-4400