Section 6.1.2: Process for Obtaining and Maintaining Waivers

The Participant must at all times provide to Shareholder or subscriber association up-to-date information on all licensees, whether they are subscribers or fee-waived licensees, in each participating office. The Participant must identify which licensees are subject to fee waivers and for each waived licensee the other MLS in which he/she is a subscriber on the waiver certification form.

In order to obtain a waiver for any licensee in the Participant’s office, the Participant must execute the Shareholder’s or subscriber association’s form for listing fee-waived licensees and the certification on it. In order to maintain a waiver for any licensee, the Participant and licensee must continue to satisfy the requirements of Section 6.1.1 and must recertify of the matters addressed in this section annually.

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