Section 18: Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

Internet Data Exchange (IDX)


  1. “Internet Data Exchange ” affords MLS Participants subscribing to the program (the “Internet Data Exchange Subscriber” or “IDXS”) the ability to authorize limited electronic display and delivery of their listings by other Participants via the following authorized mediums under the Participant’s control: websites, mobile apps, and audio devices. As used throughout these rules, “display” includes “delivery” of such listings. Participants’ consent for display of their listings by other Participants pursuant to these rules and regulations is presumed unless a Participant affirmatively notifies Triad MLS that the Participant refuses to permit display (either on a blanket or on a listing-by-listing basis). If a Participant refuses on a blanket basis to permit the display of that Participant’s listings, that Participant may not download, frame, or display the aggregated MLS data of other Participants. Even where Participants have given blanket authority for other Participants to display their listings on IDX sites, such consent may be withdrawn on a listing-by-listing basis where the seller has prohibited all Internet display or other electronic forms of display or distribution.
  2. The “Internet Data Exchange Database” is the current aggregate compilation of all active and pending exclusive right to sell and exclusive agency listings and all sold listing data starting from January 1, 2012of all Internet Data Exchange Subscribers except (a) those active or pending listings where the property seller has opted out of Internet publication by so indicating on the listing contract; (b) those sold listings where the listing broker has opted out of Internet publication by so indicating on the MLS system.
  3. “Internet Data Exchange User” (IDXU) is defined as a non-principal broker or sales licensee affiliated with an IDXS. An IDXU may display information available through IDX on his own website subject to his IDXS’s consent and control and the requirements of state law or regulation. The previous sentence does not apply to licensees subject to fee waiver under Section 6.1.


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