Section 1.18.2 Pre-Sales/New Construction Transactions

Pre-Sales/New Construction Transactions

This governs the process that allows firms/agents representing a builder the ability to enter a Pre-Sales transaction.

(A) A Pre-Sale/New Construction entry must be entered within one (1) business day upon accepted offer to purchase and contract being finalized

(B) A Pre-Sale/New Construction transaction can be entered by the listing agent as long as the Listing Agreement does not prevent the agent from listing in the MLS

(C) Pre-Sale/New Construction that has a “blanket-listing” arrangement between the Listing Firm and Subdivision and/or any builders therein may use the contract date on the Offer to Purchase and Contract as the List/Market date.

(D) The agent must enter all the required fields on the listing input form

(E) At least one photo is required



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