Section 7.0: Compliance With Rules

Compliance With Rule

The following action may be taken for noncompliance with the rules:

 (A)       For failure to pay any service charges, fees or fines as provided under Section 6 (b) and provided that at least ten days notice has been given by registered mail with return receipt requested, the service to the Shareholder or to those Associations of REALTORS® who subscribe to the Service shall be suspended and a 1 ½% service charge added to the unpaid balance.

(B)       For failure to comply with any other rule, the provisions of Sections 9 and 9.1 shall apply.

(C)       At no time may any Shareholder or any Participant sign any agreement, contract, license, etc., which in any way allows access to any person(s) who downloads the data for the purpose of manipulating the raw data into any other form other than those specifically licensed by the Board of Directors of the Triad Multiple Listing Service, Inc.

(D)       When the Associations bill users for fines, Triad MLS does not expect Associations to remit payment of fines until collected from the user.



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