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Triad MLS Local Information Page

Triad MLS Local Information Page

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  • Link to the Triad MLS Training Calendar
  • Link to Triad MLS Course Descriptions
  • Additional Links to the Triad MLS By Laws and Rules and Regulations
  • Triad MLS Monthly Reports and Homes Sales Comparisons (in process of
  • Monthly Real Estate Trend Indicator (NAR) Reports (Broken down by
    each Association and Triad MLS collectively)
  • News (Triad MLS BOD Minutes)
  • Contact (Staff, Contact information for MLS and Associations.



Triad MLS MARKETrends Premium!

Triad MLS is proud to bring you another member benefit at no cost!

Triad MLS is providing a FREE MARKETrends Premium subscription to all members effective immediately!

- Use MARKETrends Premium to produce beautiful, custom graphs and reports for client presentations, blogs, newsletters and social media. No extra cost for Triad MLS Members!
- Use Triad's new MARKETrends Premium Suite to help you clearly evaluate and communicate what's going on in your local market. With up-to-date market data at your fingertips, you can deepen your role as your client's trusted advisor.
- Looking smart has never been so easy - or looked so good!
- Triad's new MARKETrends Premium suite provides you the voice to demonstrate your market knowledge, and the means to broadcast it to past and future clients. People will love the graphical view of local housing trends!

Please visit the following page and click "Start your free subscription now!" to begin the registration process. On the next screen, simply enter your agent ID and Last Name.

MARKETrends Premium Triad

Please be sure to note and review the FAQ's, Definitions and available training webinar!

Realist Mobile App

Triad MLS announces availability of Realist Mobile app!!

Effective Today June 12, 2014, Triad MLS members can now successfully register and activate the Realist mobile app!  Please review the below documents:

Please note that even if you download app from stores, you will not be able to authenticate until AFTER you perform the registration and activations from your desktop on Monday!.

Realist Mobile App Demonstrations

TRIADMLS2Go Mobile App !

Agent Branding and Client Collaboration are now available on our mobile app!

Please click here to access information.

The Triad MLS 2 Go mobile app is available for download from either the Apple iTunes Store or the Android Google Play Store!  This app is available to all Triad MLS Participants and Subscribers. Consumers can also access the same data as on TriadMLS.com and for consumers, Triad MLS 2 Go is the 'Public MLS Website' presence in the app store!

Download the app for iPhone/iPad here

Download the app for Android here

rDesk Flyers now Available!!

For those who have attended one of our rDesk training sessions, please be sure to note that all the Flyers are now available for use!  If you haven’t seen the rDesk offerings yet, be sure to sign up for a training event soon!

Square Foot Range Policy

At the point of entry in the MLS system, the agent (after measuring the subject property to the best of his/her ability) will enter the actual square footage obtained from his/her calculation. The MLS system will then display only a range of square footage until the property is closed. When the status is “Closed” the actual square footage the listing agent entered will be seen by users.

The range is determined by the following formula: 10% down then rounded DOWN to the nearest hundred and 5% up and rounded UP to the nearest hundred.

Actual square feet determined by listing agent: 4100 Range in MLS system would be displayed as: 3600-4400

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