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Property Panorama Discontinued

We originally notified all members in June 2014 that Triad MLS was no longer directly providing the access to Property Panorama virtual tour creator. Our agreement with them terminated in July 2014 and based on the very low utilization, the Triad MLS Board of Directors unanimously decided not to renew this product/service after July 31, 2014. As that date came and went, we noticed there were still almost 200 active listings that had Property Panorama Virtual tours attached to them and we have attempted to notify all these users of this product discontinuation over the last two months. The tours actually rendered through the month of August but we would suggest any of you that have used these tours or have these attached to active/pending listings, go in and remove those tours from your listings because at some point, Property Panorama will no longer render them.

Triad MLS Welcomes Lexington/Davidson County Association of REALTORS !!

Triad MLS welcomes the Lexington Davidson County Association of REALTORS to our regional Multiple Listing Service where their members will have access to over 3,500 agents and over 17,000 active listings! We applaud them for helping their members remain competitive by providing access to all the features available through Triad MLS as well as ensuring the autonomy of their local Association!

Realist Mobile App

Triad MLS announces availability of Realist Mobile app!!

Effective Today June 12, 2014, Triad MLS members can now successfully register and activate the Realist mobile app!  Please review the below documents:

Please note that even if you download app from stores, you will not be able to authenticate until AFTER you perform the registration and activations from your desktop on Monday!.

Realist Mobile App Demonstrations

TRIADMLS2Go Mobile App !

Agent Branding and Client Collaboration are now available on our mobile app!

Please click here to access information.

The Triad MLS 2 Go mobile app is available for download from either the Apple iTunes Store or the Android Google Play Store!  This app is available to all Triad MLS Participants and Subscribers. Consumers can also access the same data as on TriadMLS.com and for consumers, Triad MLS 2 Go is the 'Public MLS Website' presence in the app store!

Download the app for iPhone/iPad here

Download the app for Android here

rDesk Flyers now Available!!

For those who have attended one of our rDesk training sessions, please be sure to note that all the Flyers are now available for use!  If you haven’t seen the rDesk offerings yet, be sure to sign up for a training event soon!

Internet Explorer & Adobe Flash Player Advisory


Microsoft released an update to Internet Explorer on May 1st to resolve the recent IE / Adobe Flash security issue.  Most users will receive this update through Automatic Updates.  Users that have Automatic Updates disabled should use Windows Update to manually initiate the update as soon as possible.  Microsoft has included an update for Windows XP even though the operating system is no longer supported.

For more information, visit:  http://blogs.technet.com/b/microsoft_blog/archive/2014/05/01/updating-internet-explorer-and-driving-security.aspx.


Windows XP Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle


Please be aware that Microsoft will end mainstream support for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) as of April 8, 2014. (See Windows XP Support)

As per CoreLogic Support Policy, version 5.11 of Fusion, MLXchange and Tempo 5 running on PC’s with Windows XP SP3 will no longer be supported. This does not imply these applications will suddenly stop working after the site upgrades to v5.11, however issues reported to be specific to Windows XP SP3 OS will not be resolved; nor will CoreLogic support services provide end-user support to users running this OS on their PC’s.

CoreLogic will continue to support Microsoft Windows 7 and higher.

Uploading Agent and Office Photos in MLS Systems

Based on the fact that so much of what we do at Triad MLS is export your data out into the ‘world’ on your behalf and now that we have our local Public MLS Portal operating, we feel it important that BICs and their agents note the following:

  • Listings without photos being displayed in the “New to Market” banner.  Agents need to be encouraged to promptly upload their photos in either Fusion or Tempo.
  • If agents have a website they need to make sure this information is in their MLS agent record (through their local association which then gets fed to us)
  • Agents need to double check their MLS information for their email address and contact phone number accuracy (again, through their local association)
  • Agents need to upload their personal photo in either Fusion or Tempo.  Using Fusion they will go to Settings, My Image and use Agent Photo.  In Tempo it can be found under My Tools, then Preferences, My Photos and Agent Photo.


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