Section 9.1: Violations Of Rules And Regulations

Violations Of Rules And Regulations

(A)      PARTICIPANT WHOSE ASSOCIATION IS A SHAREHOLDER:  If the Participant is a member of a Shareholder, then the body duly authorized by the Board of Directors shall administratively consider and determine whether a violation may have occurred.  If they determine that a violation may have occurred, a letter will be sent to the president of the Shareholder outlining the circumstances surrounding the complaint along with all applicable materials available.  Each Shareholder agrees to enforce such violation locally in accordance with their own procedures without the requirement of the Participant-Complainant having to file additional documents.    If a violation is determined and a sanction is imposed, the recipient of said sanction may request a hearing of the Professional Standards Committee of the Shareholder Association.  The policies and procedures for complainant attendance or lack of attendance will be consistent with the procedures established in the NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.


(B)       PARTICIPANT WHOSE ASSOCIATION IS NOT A SHAREHOLDER:  If the alleged offense is a violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Service and does not involve a charge of alleged unethical conduct or request for arbitration, it may be administratively considered and determined by a body duly authorized by the Board of Directors, and if a violation is determined, may direct the imposition of sanction, provided that the recipient of said sanction(s) may request a hearing before the Board of Directors following procedures outlined for ethics hearings in the Professional Standards Manual of the National Association of REALTORS®.



  1. When users receive training from Triad MLS a document must be signed regarding the security of passwords and fines for violations.
  2. The fine for password security violations are as follows: First Offense – $1,000 fine; Second Offense – $3,000 fine; Third Offense – Six month suspension from MLS.
  3. All fines levied for password violations shall be billed as agreed upon by the individual Shareholders.


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